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Our soundhole covers are made in the USA with high quality hard woods.

Lute Holes are inspired by the early stringed instruments that preceded the modern guitar. Their most striking feature was the beautiful soundhole rose carvings. It was only when mass production of instruments began that craftsman dropped the time-consuming and delicate hand carving of soundhole roses (or rosettes). Cutting big empty holes also made the small bodied instruments louder in a time before amplification. Big empty holes don't make instruments sound better - think about the f-holes on a Stradivarius. Big empty holes are quick and easy to manufacture and that's the primary reason the art of soundhole roses died out.

Our removable soundhole roses also have a very modern benefit. Excellent feedback control without interrupting the crucial air flow of acoustic guitars. So now guitarists with a need for feedback control can actually improve the look of their guitar with a product that doesn't deaden the soundboard with a large piece of dense rubber. It's absolutely not necessary to completely cover the soundhole to control feedback in most situations.

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