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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a LuteHole affect the sound of the guitar?

A: That depends on the design, but in general they really don't affect the tone of a guitar much at all. In the case of the #02 design it's unlikely you will notice any difference whatsoever. The more of the soundhole that is covered, the more the volume of the guitar will be reduced, but the tone of a guitar is primarily determined by the vibration of the top. The wood species and the size and shape of the top are what give an instrument it's unique sound. The soundhole size primarily affects the volume of the instrument not it's tone. So, the #15 design will reduce the acoustic volume of your guitar a bit but won't ruin the tone or dampen the sound as much as a soundhole cover that blocks the entire soundhole. The #02 won't affect volume or tone much - if any - and the #01 is somewhere in the middle. Your guitar will still sound great no matter which one you choose. Many people believe their guitar sounds better when they use a LuteHole.

Q: Can I take the LuteHole out easily when I don't need feedback control?

A: Yes, you can “pop” a LuteHole in or out in a second or two but most people never remove their LuteHole. I’ve had one in my guitar for many years and when I take it out the guitar looks broken to me. Most of our customers feel the same way.


Q: The fretboard of my guitar extends past the edge of the soundhole, what can I do to get my LuteHole to fit properly?

A: To get the best fit we recommend that you sand the top of the LuteHole down bit by bit testing the fit as you go. Or we can make a custom LuteHole to fit your specific guitar if you provide measurements and/or a tracing.


Q: I have some serious feedback problems, which LuteHole should I get?

A: The # 15 covers more of the soundhole and therefore provides better feedback protection. We can also cover the back of any lutehole to completely close off the soundhole for an additional $10. Or you can do it yourself with a thin piece of material and some glue.


Q: There are no dealers near me, how can I get a LuteHole?

A: To order online click here.  Fill out the the form and select the design and wood you like and click the "submit" button. Inside the form we've provided an area that you can type in special requests or instructions.

Q: How does a LuteHole stay in the soundhole?

A: LuteHoles kiss the edge of the soundhole in three small places with a custom foam-rubber gasket. The gasket compresses and holds the LuteHole in the soundhole with friction. It's easy to install and remove and will not damage your guitar.


Q: I have a dark colored guitar, which wood type should I get?

A: We usually recommend a Maple for dark guitars.


Q: Can you make a blue Lutehole to match my blue guitar?

A: Without having your guitar in our shop it would be impossible to match the color. What we can do is send you an unfinished LuteHole and you can paint it yourself or ask your luthier to do it for you.


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