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01 maple 02 maple 15 maple 10 maple 12 maple

for maple or Walnut and $85 for rosewood

for maple or Walnut $100 for rosewood

03 maple 04 maple 05 maple 06 maple 07 maple
08 maple 09 maple 11 maple 13 maple 14 maple

DELUXE DESIGNS - $55 for maple or Walnut and $85 for rosewood.

Click on one of the above photos to see more information and to select the size and wood type.
The prices listed above are for standard 4 inch (101mm) diameter soundholes. Any other size is an additional $16.
Please allow approximately 3 weeks for your sound hole cover to ship

For any of the following modifications, email and we will send you a custom invoice:
Ovals and other odd shapes are an additional $20.
Flat head modifications to allow for fretboards that extend past the edge of the soundhole are an additional $10.
Modifications to allow access to volume controls are an additional $15.


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